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WDFF 2017 Itinerary

*All screenings are held on The Main Stage of The Springer Opera House


VIP reception on The Veranda At Springer Opera House: Oct. 13 @ 5:30 PM

Screening 1: 7:15PM

Screening 2: 9:15PM

After party at Meritage: Oct. 13 @ 11:00 PM


Morning Coffee Hour in The Saloon at Springer Opera House: 9:30-10:30 AM

Screening 3: 10:45 am

Lunch Break: 12:15 pm

Lunch and Mingle (sponsored by 12th St. Deli) in the Saloon

Screening 4: 1:30 pm 

Screening 5: 3:30 pm

Screening 6: 5:30 pm

Awards Gala @ The Loft 8:30 pm
(Doors open at 7:30 pm)

Entrance fee included for all lanyard holders

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October 13th-14th


1.) Friday, October 13th @ 7:15 pm


The four walls that helped shape us can either be our fortress, our salvation or our downfall. Celebrate Way Down’s opening night block with these brilliantly-told tales where the adolescent fireplace of safety questions all it knows and all it’s ever been.

(80 MIN.)

The Candidate (6 min.)

Cul-De-Sac (15 min.)

Closet (19 min.)

Light Sight (5 min.)

The Arrival (15 min.)

My Nephew Emmet (20 min.)

*Post-Screening Q&A*

2.) Friday, October 13th @ 9:15 pm


Welcome to the Underground’s tribute to Friday the 13th with short films that rock the creepy underbelly of delicious, devilish depravity. Oh, there will be break-ins, outbreaks, make-outs, gangsters, monkeys and, did we mention, a first-time serial killer? Disturbing, maybe. Nefarious, most likely. Provocative, definitely.

(81 MIN.)

Pet Monkey (8 min.)

Confession (4 min.)

Too Late Now (10 min.)

Pandemonium (15 min.)

Curse of Don Scarducci (20 min.)

Ananas Comosus (3 min.)

Cells (12 min.)

The Driving Seat (9 min.)

*Post-Screening Q&A*

3.) Saturday, October 14th @ 10:45 am


Morning madness at its best! Who needs a shot of caffeine when you can wake up to these daybreak gems. This collection of gripping films sheds light on the peripheral ties that bind, of artistry and imagination, but prove the valiant sentiment: “Bless that thing that broke you down and cracked you open… because the world needs you open.”

(79 MIN.)

Swan Lake (10 min.)

Dead Man's Carnival (15 min.)

Girl Meets Roach (17 min.)

Frankie Keeps Talking (7 min.)

Beauty School (10 min.)

Little Texas (11 min.)

As Beautiful Inside (9 min.)

*Post-Screening Q&A*

4.) Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 1:30 p.m.


What do ya get when you cross a lonely avocado, a misplaced tooth fairy, and confused star-crossed lovers? You get a block of inspiring short films that you don’t want to miss. Infused with attending filmmakers, this is a collection of stories that exemplify conviction in breaking boundaries, if only to find that connection with another.

(79 MIN.)

The Pits (3 min.)

Filling In (22 min.)

Deadbeat (14 min.)

Autumn Lovers (5 min.)

My Mom & the Girl (20 min.)

Sisak (15 min.)

*Post-Screening Q&A*

5.) Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 3:30 p.m.


Riders of true artisanship and the clowns of buffoonery. Is there ever any middle? Yes. In all of its variations on glory, destruction, and triumph, we purvey and envy those who tap into their authentic selves and make us want to be the madmen and the pioneers of our alternative selves. Artistry at its finest or at its most hilarious chicanery. While it ain’t always pretty or the norm, these mad men & women may just may be the visionaries we need to exult us into life ever-changing. ”Poets, Artists & Madmen- the only friends I ever care to make.” - Co-Founders, WDFF

(81 MIN.)

Without Answer (4 min.)

Transmission (17 min.)

Fairy Tales Anonymous (8 min.)

Ineffable (15 min.)

Caresse (11 min.)

Pony Rides Are For Girls (11 min.)

Sure-Fire (15 min.)

*Post-Screening Q&A*

6.) Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m.


More often than not, the brilliance of filmmaking comes when characters or plot know how to gorgeously take their bow. I dare ya, double dog dare ya, not to be deeply affected by our final festival films. Bring tissue. WDFF proudly presents its closing block in honor and celebration of filmmakers who triumphantly tap into our humanity and leave us on glorious, heartbreaking, or inspiring momentous note. We salute you and proudly honor you, our last tales to be told as the curtain falls on our festival.

(78 MIN.)

Small Talk (5 min.)

Yes, We're Open (12 min.)

Patterns (5 min.)

Sunnyside Drive (12 min.)

After You Leave (7 min.)

Mutt (14 min.)

Shy Guys (8 min.)

A Whole World for a Little World (15 min.)

*Post-Screening Q&A*